I make most of my money off of real estate, y’know, flipping houses and stuff. Last house sold for two mil. I’m pretty good at it I guess, and I love the money. I also compete in the world series of poker, won nearly two hundred grand last year. You’ve probably seen me on TV and stuff. I try to stay low-key though, out of the public eye. My line of work, y’know, it goes up and down though, y’know? Sometimes I don’t do so good in poker, need to borrow money and stuff from my mom. She hates how I live, thinks it’s disgusting, said I’m not welcome back home. My sisters said the same thing. But you know who asks for money when I’m doing good, pretending like they never refused to help me out? Yeah, my family. I don’t need ‘em, y’know? ‘Please Rob, I need help paying my mortgage, could I borrow a few thousand?’ Just ridiculous.”


I’d rather spend my money on women, I love to spoil them, y’know, maybe help pay for their college and stuff. I prefer the younger ladies, I’m only forty six, and these young girls can hardly support themselves, so I help them out a little bit. It fulfills me. I could never imagine settling down, having a wife and kids, y’know? That’s just not what I would imagine as being fun. Sometimes I meet girls from work, driving them around, to the beach and stuff. That’s part of the reason I drive for Uber really. Are you girls in college?” He asks, his gaze meeting mine and my sister’s in the rear view mirror.

I think this is our stop actually.” I said as we pull into an old brick apartment complex with barred windows, miles from our actual destination. 

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