Rerouted by Alyssa Le Fort

When Jerri stepped out on the patio, she saw three people from the wedding party she would have to convince if she hoped to get out of this angry crowd alive. Ok. Jerri was a character, not in the wedding party. She looked down, and saw she’s wearing a blue knee length floral summer dress, her hair pinned up, and her legs shaved. Obviously, this virtual reality stuff didn’t care about matching with your actual personality. She stood tall and…


Three-Hour Fiction Contest winner Daniel Williams

Ogami grinned and looked over to the white skinned man sitting in the passenger seat. Dan was struggling to find the right button that would roll down his window. “Wot up, Dan-man?” he asked in a cheery tone. “Can’t seem to find the right button….” Dan mumbled. Ogami reached over and pulled Dan’s hand away from the center console. “What is freakin’ wrong with you Canadians, man? I got the AC up full, and you wanna roll down the window…

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