Does Social Media Produce Tangible Change? by Lindsey Macdonald

Technology, the internet and social media are widely utilized, making them excellent platforms for activism and change. Social media is a useful tool for promoting ideas, as has been seen in the Occupy movements, the film Kony 2012, and the Egyptian uprisings as part of the Arab Spring. The Occupy movements primarily utilized social media to mobilize gatherings and protests, and Kony 2012 primarily used social media to gain support for a movement and spread knowledge, while the uprisings in…


Are Pets Good for Our Health? by Kim Davis

Abstract — Many studies have been done over the years on what effects a relationship with an animal has on our health. Besides the obvious physical benefits one gets from walking the dog there are many different aspects that have proven to be beneficial physiologically and psychologically. Interacting with dogs, cats, horses and birds and many other types of animals is rewarding as well as being very good for our health. Animals are being used in therapy for stroke victims,…

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