Featured Artist: Fiona Thomson

My current artistic pursuits are in acrylic painting, graphite drawing, and digital photography. The majority of my artwork stems from introspective contemplation of ‘Human Nature’ and ‘Mother Nature’ through portrait and botanical studies.Personal psychological tensions and qualities of renewal are significant themes represented within my artwork. The combination of realism and abstraction, as well as historical and contemporary aesthetics, are aspects of art that I continually explore. Choice of color plays an intricate role in my paintings. Emotive and representational…


Feature Artist: Trish Smith

Born and raised in South Africa I have been drawing and engaging in artpractices since I was very young. To pass the time in the car during long family trips I filled the backs of my fatherʼs cigar boxes full of cartoon drawings. I entered a Fine Art Institute in South Africa and studied for one year before going on to study horticulture. My horticultural practices involved using live medium to create massive plant exhibits in a Victorian Conservatory in South Africa. I entered…


Feature Artist: Cody Goodridge

In my visual art practice I work with a number of disciplines, with a heavy degree of overlap between them; I practice many forms of mark-making from dry media to pen-and-ink, as well as all manner of technical work ranging from serigraph printmaking to digital photography. My joy as an artist is to create unreal worlds and impossible landscapes, thematically grounded in human issues of mortality, conflict, relationships of power, the sublime, and the nature of beings. I delight in…

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