A Dog Named Cron by Jennifer Harrison

Ever since she was three years old she hated dogs. Not only hated, but feared with unreasonable obsession. Sarah repeated over and over to her father the scary story of Cron. Cron–who stood as tall as she did. Cron—who paced back and forth, baring his teeth, snarling behind the wood slat fence. Cron—who waited to ravage her as if she were a leather moccasin. Cron—who barked so loud it took her breath away. Her father listened, but only for so…


Daughter by Danielle Kennedy

“Look how pretty she looks in her pink dress!”“She’s going to grow up to be a beautiful young lady.”“She’ll be turning all the boy’s heads.”“Look at this new truck we got him for his birthday! We got it in blue, his favourite colour.”“He’s going to be such a handsome man, just like his father.”“He’ll be a heartbreaker for sure.”From almost the second we’re conceived, we’re categorized into Joe’s and Jane’s; our destiny already picked out for us. He will be…

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