Letters for Home by Kelly Madden

A single strip of sunlight slid through the crack in the hotel curtains and rested on the bright white sheets of the bed. When Marilyn finally opened her eyes a few hours later, it was well after ten am, and she was dripping in sweat. She kicked the sheet off and lay on her back, limbs spread like a starfish. Soon, her were feet soaking up the coolness of the Talavera tile floor in the bathroom. The heavy bag of…


And Your Bird Can Sing by Michael Chouinard

Chris looked out the window and decided he would have to go down, even though he was still a little hung over. He’d been worried since the notes started arriving. He and his new bride arrived in this mountain resort town, jammed full of tourist types with arms full of skis heading for the black diamond runs, but someone who obviously knew who he was from years earlier started shoving notes under the hotel door. That someone seemed to be…

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