He looked up to see the height of the bridge frame which he had to climb and jump from to show Steven that he was also daring like him. But, deep inside he knew that he was not. The rusty iron rods and chains more than 50 years old seemed like were trying to hold onto their lives, as nobody paid attention to this bridge ever since it was built. Not being the popular route among travellers, only few vehicles were seen now and then. He extended his hands to hold on to ladder and the powdery rust rubbed against his hands, making them dirty.

The smell of the iron was very distinct in his memories from the childhood when he used to play with his elder brother in the abandoned old car in the neighbourhood. He felt a strong thump in his chest as he started to step up on the ladder.

He had acrophobia, but today he had to prove himself to Steven, who always taunted him for abstaining from climbing up the terrace of the building. He never had told Steven that he was scared. But today he finally accepted the challenge to climb and jump from the bridge.

Attempting to overcome his fear, he was standing at the top of the ladder, from where he could see the horizon. The view of sky reflecting in the water was breath-taking, something that he had never seen in his life. The cold air at the top and the beauty of scenery made him forget all the fears he had. He looked down at Steven and then at the river, took a deep breath and said, “I guess now it’s time to fly

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