In my visual art practice I work with a number of disciplines, with a heavy degree of overlap between them; I practice many forms of mark-making from dry media to pen-and-ink, as well as all manner of technical work ranging from serigraph printmaking to digital photography.

My joy as an artist is to create unreal worlds and impossible landscapes, thematically grounded in human issues of mortality, conflict, relationships of power, the sublime, and the nature of beings. I delight in visual metaphors and incongruities as devices; the worlds I realize celebrate weirdness and seldom take themselves at face value.

I like to experiment with geometry, perspective, reflection, refraction, and space. Reconciling regular and geometric forms with organic growth and naturalistic mark-making is a nearly limitless source of visual tension that fuels my creative state. As long as I find satisfaction in colour, composition, and form, I’ll find myself driven to explore.

Art isn’t a wholly sensory affair for me; the concept of art as activism is dear to me, and as I grow as an individual, artist, and citizen of the world I ever seek artistic language with which to share truth as well as beauty.

Every generation requires not only their own voices with which to speak their bit, but their own visual language with which to express their unspoken or unspeakable values

Images possess a power before which words are as vapour, and in our commodified world the responsibility of image-making is simply too important to be left to the advertisers. So it is that I seek authenticity and resonance with my work, that I can continue a tradition of truth-seekers and ideological insurgents. The truth is that I simply couldn’t imagine being anything else.

Find Cody’s video here –  Anomaly

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