Born and raised in South Africa I have been drawing and engaging in art
practices since I was very young. To pass the time in the car during long family trips I filled the backs of my fatherʼs cigar boxes full of cartoon drawings. I entered a Fine Art Institute in South Africa and studied for one year before going on to study horticulture. My horticultural practices involved using live medium to create massive plant exhibits in a Victorian Conservatory in South Africa. I entered the Fine Arts programme at North Island College to continue pursuing my passion for the Arts and am currently in my 3rd year engaging my studies through the Emily Carr Fine Arts external programme.

My work is an extension of myself and my spirituality and I enjoy expressing this through my practice. The process of discovering and going deeper into conceptual art, gives me revelation and inspiration for visual communication. I enjoy people watching and I have become passionate about portraying social interaction and figurative expressionism in a variety of medium. The last year has found me focussing on the human figure and I have really enjoyed pursuing figurative studies intensely. I express my ideas through engaging in multi disciplinary practices using mixed media painting, drawing, sculpting and ceramics. Much of my art is contemplative and I enjoy using colour to invoke a mood.

I find that visual arts is a really excellent way to communicate different ideas and current political social events and I have found that I become stimulated by the background research that goes into my work. Since attending North Island College I discovered I am passionate about creating fabric installations and three dimensional work and hope to continue exploring this in the future.

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