My current artistic pursuits are in acrylic painting, graphite drawing, and digital photography. The majority of my artwork stems from introspective contemplation of ‘Human Nature’ and ‘Mother Nature’ through portrait and botanical studies.

Personal psychological tensions and qualities of renewal are significant themes represented within my artwork. The combination of realism and abstraction, as well as historical and contemporary aesthetics, are aspects of art that I continually explore.

Choice of color plays an intricate role in my paintings. Emotive and representational characteristics of color influence attitude and atmosphere which allows for purposeful manipulation of expression. I choose and mix colors as I work, applying the looseness and spontaneity of intuition.

My staged, photography-based graphite drawings are done slowly and methodically, allowing for complete control of my mark making. They invite me to relax in the safety of accuracy as I watch the layers of line and tone gradually develop. 

Digital photography is a relatively new medium for me. I am intrigued by the range of artistic possibilities it presents and I am interested in future projects where a blend of media are used to create juxtaposed visual layers. 

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